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How Automatic Credit Recharge Works for Email Verification

Automatic credit reload – don’t stop your email verification

Imagine the following situation: you have a monthly credit subscription and decided to run a lead generation campaign.

The campaign is a success, and because of that, your credits run out before the renewal of your email verification subscription. Your real-time API would stop working, right? And that’s not good. Your forms would be unprotected, accepting invalid emails.

That’s why SafetyMails has launched a new feature to prevent you from running out of email verification credits if you have an atypical month of form accesses.

It’s the automatic credit recharge.

What is automatic credit reload?

Automatic credit reload is a process configured by the customer in their SafetyMails account, where an additional volume of credits is automatically added to their account when the total available credits for email verification reach a certain level.

For example:

The customer has an active subscription of 100,000 monthly credits.

If the volume of available credits is less than 10,000 credits, the automatic credit reload acquires an additional 20,000 credits.

How to activate automatic credit reload?

  • In your SafetyMails account, access the user menu (upper right corner) and click on “Financial Information.”
  • In the box located on the right side, “Automatic Reload,” you will see the “Enable Automatic Reload” button.
  • On the next screen, in the “Purchase Automatically” field, set the quantity of credits you want to add automatically.
  • In the “When the balance is below,” you will define when the automatic purchase should be made. In other words, when the available credit balance is less than the chosen amount here, the system will automatically purchase the credits specified in the previous field.

After saving, you will see the details of the automatic credit reload, and you can edit or deactivate them at any time.

Important reminders:

  • Purchases must be approved by the banking system.
  • Purchased credits do not have an expiration date.
  • Activation of automatic credit reload is only available for purchases via credit card.

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