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SafetyMails: how to purchase the monthly subscription of credits

SafetyMails’ monthly subscription of credits makes your daily work easier.

If you want to install the real time email verification API in registration forms and landing pages, a monthly subscription of credits is required.

This montly subscription is also useful for those who need to verify emails frequently, for the credits are purchased for a lower cost.

Do not know what a  monthly subscription of credits is? It allows SafetyMails customers to receive new credits for email verification every month.


Purchasing a monthly subscription of credits

To purchase a monthly subscription of credits, follow the steps below:

monthly subscription safetymails first access

  • The will be displayed a screen showing more details about the monthly subscription of credits. Click on “Activate subscription“.

monthly subscription safetymails purchase

  • On the next step, choose:
    • the amount of credits you want;
    • the day of payment you prefer;
    • the paying method;

safetymails monthly subscription purchase step 2

Just follow the steps to finish the purchasing process and make the payment.

As soon as the system confirms the payment it releases the amount of credits purchased. You will receive the same amount of credits every month.

In the system:

If your monthly subscription is active, you will see on your Dashboard a box like this:

monthly subscription box

By clicking on “See details”, you will get access to the information of your subscription plan:

  • The amount of credits
  • Pricing
  • Method of payment
  • Next renewal
  • Billing data

monthly subscription details

If your monthly subscription is inactive for any reason, your Monthly subscription box will look like this:

subscription expired

In case you want to put your monthly subscription to run again, just click on “reactivate” and follow the purchasing steps.

If you need help, contact our sales team: [email protected]



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