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What is a monthly subscription of credits and how to use it

SafetyMails monthly subscription to verify emails

The monthly subscription of credits allows SafetyMails’ customers to receive every month an amount of credits that can be used to clean email lists or activate the real time email verification API.

By purchasing the monthly subscription, the customer can choose:

  • The amount of credits; 
  • The day of payment;
  • The payment method;

monthly subscription details

This model of monthly subscription has pricing advantages, bucause the rates are lower.

For example:

10.000 credits (one purchase): R$ 130,00 (one time)
10.000 credits (monthly subscription): R$ 117,00 (monthly).

These credits can be used to clen email lists and for the API service.


  • The credits do not expire.
  • The monthly subscription is required to activate the API service.


If your monthly subscription is active, you will see on your Dashboard a box like this:

monthly subscription box


If your monthly subscription is inactive for any reason, your Monthly subscription box will look like this:

subscription expired


If you are interested to have the monthly subscription of credits, see here how to purchase it.

If you need help, contact our sales team: [email protected]


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