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How to download SafetyMails’ email verification reports

How to Download the Email Verification Results

After uploading your list for email verification on SafetyMails, a report with the results of your analysis is made available for download.

How to download the email verification results?

The download can be either comprehensive, i.e., the entire list, or only for emails categorized with a specific status.

For example, it’s possible to download only valid emails.

Follow the steps to download your report:

  1. Log in to your SafetyMails account.
  2. Access the report for the desired list (see how to do it here).
  3. In the “Export Result” box, select the desired status for downloading the email verification results (to understand the meaning of each status, click here):Valid: includes emails with “valid” and “limited” statuses.
  4. Invalid: includes emails with “invalid,” “syntax error,” and “invalid domain” statuses.
  5. Risk: includes emails with “disposable,” “junk,” “spamtrap,” “scraped,” “uncertain” statuses.
  6. Unknown: includes emails with “pending” and “unknown” statuses.
  7. By default, the system removes duplicate email records. If you want to keep them, uncheck the “Remove duplicate emails” option.
  8. Click the “Export” button.


  • The “spamtrap” status is not exportable. It is returned along with emails categorized as invalid.
  • The “valid” status is mandatory for export. Therefore, it cannot be unchecked.
  • If the list analysis is not yet complete, the report is “Partial,” allowing the download of emails marked as “Valid” up to that moment.

After downloading the email verification results, you obtain an email database rich in valuable data to enhance your email marketing strategy. The ability to download the entire email verification of the list or segment it based on different statuses is a powerful feature to optimize your contact list. Ensuring that you are sending only to valid email addresses helps maintain high delivery rates and avoids domain reputation issues. Additionally, the removal of duplicate records and the inability to export emails classified as “spamtrap” ensure that your list stays clean and compliant with email marketing best practices.

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