Início » How to install SafetyMails API to verify emails on a Landing Page from Egoi

How to install SafetyMails API to verify emails on a Landing Page from Egoi

Install SafetyMails API to check emails on a Landing Page from Egoi

The real time email verification API from SafetyMails allows you to install a script on Landing Pages from Egoi, avoiding invalid emails on the registration forms.

By activating this feature, SafetyMails will release a script ready to install on your Landing Pages.

Remember: this API requires a monthly subscription of credits.

How to install

1- Creating a new source

how to add a new API source on SafetyMails

Then click on Egoi logo.

escolha integração api safetymails

Now, to create the new source, you need to register a name for it and the domain where it will work.

api safetymails step 1

Source name: This name will help to identify your API in SafetyMails in queries and reports.
Authorized domain: It defines which domain is allowed to make connections through the API.

2- Optional settings

The API has a standard setup. However, there are some optional API settings if you wish to.

Creating a new SafetyMails API - step 2

Run after typing finishes: This option will run the verification script only when typing is finished.
Typing wait time: Time (in seconds) that the API will wait between the end of typing and the email verification.
Allowed status: In addition to the valid email addresses, it is possible to allow the registration of other types of emails, such as Pending.

Creating a new SafetyMails API - step 3

Message for valid emails: Message that will be displayed in case of valid email.
Message for invalid emails: Message that will be displayed in case of invalid email.
Message for free emails: Message that will be displayed in case of free email addresses (such as Gmail, Hotmail, and others) – It will be displayed only if the user set the API to avoid these emails (see below).
Block free public domains? This option defines if the API will prevent the registration form from free email accounts (such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others).

After the registration the information, click on “Save” and your new source will be created. A Javascript code will be released.


<script type="text/javascript"
<script type="text/javascript">
	__safetyObj__ = {
	api_key: 'e6d796f06a51fe395a7b35421c779859ee6894fe',
	ticket_origem: '14dc0f8c86963f30dc3b498b413640a3ddd79b3e'

3- E-goi panel

Access you account on E-goi, then the menu “Web >> Formulários” (Web > Forms) and click on “Editar” (Edit) in the landing page where you want to install the script. Then access the menu “Opções” (options) and “Códigos Externos” (external codes).

Opções Landing Page Egoi

Check the option “Inserir seu próprio código” (insert my own code) and paste the Javascript from SafetyMails in the field “Depois de fechar a tag Body” (after BODY). Safe and publish your E-goi registration form.

Como instalar a API da SafetyMails em uma landing page da E-goi - passo 4

Your SafetyMails real time API is now installed.

In case of doubts, contact us. We are ready to help: [email protected]



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